QIRT-Asia 2017


Dear colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to participate in 2nd Asian Conference on Quantitative InfraRed Thermography (QIRT-Asia 2017) to be held at Interciti Hotel, Daejeon, Republic of Korea on July 2-6, 2017.

Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT) conference is a biannual international conference, in which Infrared Thermography (IRT) specialists from industries and academia discuss and present their current interests and novel developments.

With the growing interest in IRT technology and the growing number of participants in Asia, the QIRT committee has launched a sister conference series called QIRT-Asia. The 1st QIRT-Asia conference was successfully held at Mahabalipuram in India.

Daejeon, the hosting city of QIRT-Asia 2017, has grown into a world-class science and cultural city as a result of both cultural heritage and metropolitan developments. I believe QIRT-Asia 2017 in Daejeon would be an exciting and memorable experience to all.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Daejeon on July 2~6, 2017. I assure you that this conference will be the most valuable opportunity for all participants from industry and academia to share their professional knowledge and to promote friendship with experts.

Wontae Kim, Ph.D & Prof.
Chairman, QIRT-Asia Steering Committee
Div. of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, Kongju National University, Rep. of Korea