Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline: March 31, 2017  May 30, 2017
Abstract acceptance notification: April 15, 2017   June 9 , 2017
Full paper submission deadline (Optional): May 30, 2017
Early Registration deadline: May 30, 2017


Short Course Lecturers

Prof. Xavier Maldague
Laval University, Canada
Dr. Paolo Bison
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy
Dr. Jean Dumoulin
IFSTTAR / Inria, France

Plenary Lectures

Prof. Arantza Mendioroz
Universidad del País Vasco, Spain
Dr. Jean Dumoulin
IFSTTAR / Inria, France
 Dr. Nik Rajic
Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia
 Dr. Ilham Mukriz B. Zanial Abidin
Malaysian Nuclear Agency, Malaysia
Prof. Junko Morikawa
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan


What’s New

As the main symbol of QIRT 2017, the Gilt-bronze Incense Burner of Baekje (an ancient kingdom located in southwest Korea) is a symbol of the artistry of the Baekje people and a masterpiece of Korean art and designated as the 287th National Treasure of Korea. The top of the lid shown in left image is capped with a bonghwang (phoenix) which holds a magic pearl. The tail of the bonghwang curves out in an arching fashion. The body of the burner is shaped in the form of a blossoming lotus. The petals of the lotus also contain twenty-six animals on the lateral surface including fish, heavenly beasts, and birds. Some of the animals rest between the lotus petals, while others are top. The support plate is in the shape of a dragon with its mouth facing the base of the body which it supports. The dragon is surrounded by a blowing bronze motif of clouds, and its own tail is arched, giving the base a sense of movement. The right image as shown in QIRT 2017 was capture by IR camera (bolometer) at room temperature. From the IR image, we can recognize the heating area and how the heat can be propagated within the Incense Burner.